Project Simulation

Our services involve of proposed and approved scenarios with engineers, urbanists, experts and stakeholders of the project. 
  • Simulation of the current situation
  • Simulation of proposed scenarios (e.g. widening of a road, residential tower, public transport line, tramway, etc.)
  • Results analysis (waiting time comparison, CO2 emission, queues, etc.)
  • Recommendations and reports
  • Other works

Traffic control during road works

Simulation of road deviations and impact on traffic
  • Area modeling
  • Data collection
  • Road deviation scenarios
  • Field Validation and Monitoring
  • Programming of traffic lights during public works
  • Other works


Traffic lights

  • Modeling of the network (roads, parallel parking, vehicles, public transit, traffic lights, etc.)
  • Data collection
  • Simulation of the current situation
  • Optimization of traffic lights
  • Implementation (fine tuning)
  • Follow-up
  • Other works
Our approach is based on the ITE method 
(Institute of Transportation Engineers).